Friday, 10 June 2011

The first thousand

'Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.'     Anais Nin

Since opening dysnomia... in April with no real purpose in mind beyond posting some of my favourite pictures, I have just topped my one thousandth pageview today. That might not seem like much to the seasoned bloggers among you but it is rather more than I anticipated. So, welcome to dysnomia... to those who have dropped by from Germany and Russia, USA and Canada, Spain, Portugal and France, Denmark and Ireland.. and of course to my viewers closer to home. Thank you for leaving comments, especially for your kind words in times of recent sadness. A special thanks to Cricket for helping me create dysnomia... and to Madzia, Ben, Greg, Nevine and Karime for signing up as followers and to others I know are following. Please keep the comments coming, send me interesting things and spread the word.

I shall be away in a tent minus computer and internet for the next week but will be seeing new things, gathering images and ideas for future posts. Looking forward to the next thousand. Dysnomia... has no borders and never closes.


  1. How lovely.. Enjoy your week away experiencing new worlds being born. I look forward to next thousand,,

  2. It is going to take me at least another month to get to 1,000. Congratulations. I am really enjoying your blog - beautifully written, with important and well thought out subjects. Another blog I really enjoy is Ars Brevis - which can be found here: . The author takes a painting (often obscure) which inspires him to write on a related subject, and then discuss that painting.

    Anyway, enjoy your time camping. I hope the weather is glorious and you do not find yourself, like I did last time I went camping, in a field in Germany in the rain holding a cold cup of tea wishing to be home.

  3. Wishing you a lovely time away. And thank you for the nice writes that always provide food for thought...


  4. Your good wishes and kind words are gratefully received as always and compliments indeed from such fine writers yourselves. Thanks especially for the Ars Brevis link, Ben. It looks like a great site and I will follow with interest.

    I went into my site for the first time in a week this morning to discover that I have been visited from Cyprus, India, Israel, Bulgaria and Singapore while I have been away. I don't want to become all geeky about this but I do find it fascinating!

  5. Welcome back :-)
    Your comment about your international vistors made me smile. There is good geeky and there is just geeky. This is good. But then again I am fascinated by that sort of information.
    This might be of interest to all geeks out there. Enjoy...