Thursday, 27 October 2011

Parisian interlude

A combination of other demands has conspired to keep me away from these pages in recent weeks, some necessary but dull, others entirely pleasurable. But dysnomia.. has never been far from my mind and I have dropped in from time to time to find a steady trickle of page views in my absence. So as usual, thank you to all my visitors, occasional or regular, and hello to Iraj as a new follower. You are most welcome.

Among the entirely pleasurable diversions this month was a five day stay in Paris, coinciding with an unexpected return to summer. Under cloudless skies and temperatures hovering close to thirty degrees Parisians did the only sensible thing, gave up any pretence of work and headed for the public parks and street cafés in their thousands to watch the world pass by. Meanwhile the French press voiced characteristic disdain of its national rugby team at the World Cup, as erratic on the pitch as they were turbulent off it. And France's first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, told us all in the final days before giving birth to a daughter (the first baby born to a serving president) how she was gasping for a cigarette. It was all so wonderfully French! 

And now I am busy sifting through a few hundred photographs of this most photogenic of cities. What to choose as the highlight? I may have to opt for more than one, to follow in a day or two. But for now I just wanted to check in once again to dysnomia... It's nice to be home.

Parisian heatwave - early October sun on the Left Bank

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  1. It's so good to see you back Anhrefn. Looking forward to more posts after your Parisian interlude. Bienvenue à nouveau!